Testimonials What Have Our Clients Been Saying?

I have been a client with Steve for many years. He is very courteous and customer service is always outstanding. Always willing to tackle and software or hardware problems I encounter. He is very prompt and will take care of your needs always. Thanks!”  -Stephen F. (Phoenix, Arizona)

I bought a reconditioned 2015 MacBook Pro from Steve. He upgraded the storage to one terabyte for me and made sure everything was in great working order. I am extremely pleased with my laptop and it works like a charm. I couldn’t be happier!”  -Diana D. (Mesa, Arizona)

Been recommending and buying from Steve for over ten years and always will… honest, capable, and caring.”  -Marina M. (Washington, DC)

In 2011, I bought a four-year-old MacBook Pro 17-inch from Steve and I’m typing this on it now in 2020! I have lugged it around Europe and North Africa for a year, I have dented it, I even broke my screen – still works like a charm! He’s a tech genius and an Apple expert, not to mention great pricing. Nobody can do what Steve does.”  -Charles A. (Santa Monica, California)

Steve is very efficient and knowledgeable, he made the data transfer to my new computer a hassle free process. He is a professional well versed in the Mac world, I highly recommend him!”  -Mariesa O. (Fountain Hills, Arizona)

I’ve been buying computers from Steve since 2008! I’ve never had a problem with any of them. He always makes sure they are fully loaded with everything I need!  FIVE of my family members have bought Macs from Steve too, and we’re all very satisfied!”  -Neveen A. (Phoenix, Arizona)

Steve has been the BEST! I have used him for over 7 years. He always delivers more than expected and for the best price. From hardware upgrades to fixing software issues … helping my friends find good used equipment and rebuilding laptops and towers into go-fast computer hot rods, saving hundreds of dollars every time. I will always get my best advice from Steve. Whether it’s helping your friend or for yourself… Ask Steve the Mac Guy. He will give the best advice! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”  -Maui S (Scottsdale, Arizona)

I was delighted to discover that Steve had the essential experience of being a highly-skilled IT technician, which would qualify him to advise me professionally. He established a sense of confidence that my satisfaction would be ensured. Since 2011, I have purchased a total of three reconditioned MacBooks from Steve. We have continued to work together after he relocated to Arizona in 2012. I trust Steve implicitly with my data. I recently referred a friend from Austin, Texas, whose 2011 MacBook Pro is now operating like new again. No matter where you live, I recommend choosing Steve as your personal IT guy for all of your “Apple MacBook” needs.”  -Richard W. (Los Angelas, California)

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